Good fairies

On 24th of June, Romania celebrates the Sanziene (also known as Dragaica), middle of the summer and a way to celebrate nature and fecundity. It is known that, Sanzienele are beautiful girls who live in the forests and untamed places. They have their specific dance in the air, on the ground, they dance and sing all night starting from June 23 to June 24.

Sanzienele are believed to be good fairies. However, they can turn into bad forces if this day is not respected, and they can start storms and bring hail, leaving the field without crops and the flowers without cure. June 24 is a day of rest, and no one should do any kind of physical work on this day.” read more in this article

It’s a great opportunity for young girls to dream their love. During the day, they pick beautiful flowers and make wreaths, and in the night they put under their pillow the same flowers to dream their future love/husband.

Somehow, on 25th of June and 26th of June we will celebrate midsummer (Juhannus in Finnish), in Finland- we can find similar traditions (here we add bonfires, sauna, grill…I will come with more details later….next week?)

It takes just a second to get inspired by Nature. Stay in the flow!:D

It is said the heaven is open between 23 June-24 June and you get the inspiration flowing through you. Let it be! In the morning write your thoughts and be in the flow of the moment.

:)My dear good fairy, may your life be surrounded by joy and unique experiences! Just be you, and it’s enough!

With love,


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