Sometimes I could feel when people ask themselves or ask me directly if it’s hard to take care of Echo (beagle breed).The answer, depends.:)) Inside home, Echo is playful, he sleeps a lot, he is in peace, but outside he is active, wants to meet everyone. Outside for him means the Universe. He believes that everybody, same humans and dogs are his friends, he has social skills and wants to conquer the world. If you ask me, I think it’s normal. His breed is for hunting and they are very sensitive to smells. Echo is very active, kind of I accepted that sometimes our walks with him are in a continuous rush, other times he is rauhalinen=peaceful how a Finnish will say. Echo is very smart and also stubborn.

Echo feels when I am permissive with him and knows who’s the pack lead with my husband during our walking. Somehow I like this diversity and his interesting behaving.

On 15th June, he turned 2 years old, we got him at the end of 2019. I love his social skills, friendly approach with people especially kids, other dogs, I love his strong personality, his curiosity and pleasure to discover new places. I enjoy a lot when he barks outside, kind of his signal sometime that:” Hello world, I am out! Who wants to play with me??”. Other type of bark is when is scared about a statue, a big piece of metal or even a weird person, he starts to bark to fight his fear maybe.:)) by showing to the world he is fearless.

Other thing about Echo, when we have to travel and we let him for a night or two to a petsitter or friend, I feel that something is missing during our trip and can’t wait to come back home and meet him.

Echo has many types of crying and I know all of them:

~crying for his wish to play with us by bringing after some minutes all his toys in front of us.

~crying when he wants to be hugged and pet on his belly

~crying for being hungry or thirsty and at some point his protesting in the place where are his food bowls

~crying for going outside, posting himself in front of the door:))

~crying for “Now I want your attention, focus just on me”

~crying for having a beagle lady:))

Echo animates everything around him. He shines always and I felt more connected to the Nature since we had him. He made me discover the nature with fresh eyes during our long walks. I have time to smell the flowers many times/day, enjoy tree’s joy, explore areas, listening podcasts, taking nice photos…..etc.

Yesterday we prepared for him a picnic and our friend came with a cake for Echo. A great surprise for us and Echo! He enjoyed a lot a I think that he made a wish:)) Probably, his wish was to eat the cake as fast as possible:))

Woof woof!!!

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