Tulips tell the truth

This period, every time I go outside for a walk or on the bike, I see tulips everywhere. I saw them grow and blooming. Helsinki is known for its green spaces -a great combination with the architecture of the city, and I feel that every tulip has its own spot and unique way to say “hello” or “good morning sunshine”. Their incredible color and shape make you smile instantly and feel the joy 😀

I have friends that love tulips and they told me great stories about tulips and their meaning. As you know, I am a lavender fan, but I don’t say “no” to other flowers. They are unique in their own beauty. I wish to see fields of tulips as a friend of mine experienced. I felt through her photos the magical moments. You are just part of a magical story, with no beginning and end.

Recently I had a discussion with my dear friend who’s originally from Turkey, she lives now in Helsinki. My friend introduced me in her space and Turkish culture (from delicious food to traditions). I am fascinated about our tea ritual every time I visit her. Even though I’m not a frequent tea drinker (coffee for me has 1st place in my heart)….. I feel that every time, during drinking tea at her place, I am in other dimension (traveling with my mind) for couple of minutes.

When she offers me the tea in a special tea cup from Turkey, I am always impressed about the shape of the glass all the time, so last time I asked her more about the shape and Turkish traditions (most of our subjects are about our traditions in our countries and way of thinking and believing). My eyes smiled when she told me that the shape of the cup is inspired from tulips:D Oh, wow! Amazing, right? Just have a look:D

Then she showed me some specific motifes. I didn’t know that originally, tulips are coming from Turkey and first they grew as a wildflower. I read some articles and it is said that the name for the tulips is from a Turkish word “turban”- they have same shape. in this article it is said that Carolus Clusius , a biologist brought the tulips in Europe in the 16th century. Here is the article if you are curious to read more. Here

Nature is amazing, an inspiration for all of us…I will keep saying for myself and for you, dear reader. She (Nature) deserves our gratitude and giving back the love that she already offers to us.

What color do you prefer? Every color has a deep meaning. Take time and observe them.

What tulip means for me:) is…..


What does it mean for you?

Shine as a tulip does!

Check this:

and some music:D

with love,

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