Breathe Light

Today in Helsinki, we are listening/living the autumn, winter whatever you want to call it…..being so cold and rainy outside, I decided to bring some sunrays from the past weeks.:D

Sometimes we like to feel as tourists in Helsinki and we like to explore places and interesting streets with beautiful architecture. Nature is everywhere, every corner, every step…it just waits to be observed 😀

Receive the smile of the light in your heart and breathe it!

What you can do to improve your mood?? Well, just look around…..

It happened to me yesterday when I saw that one of the tulips dropped its petals….. in a magical beauty, color and splendor. I charged myself like a battery with these words by hanging the written petals in my kitchen! They stayed alive max 2h….I smiled and I breathe every word!:D

Enjoy your day and every day! Do something small and simple just for you, for your heart!

My recommendations for this week:

~~~Nomadland movie- a lesson for life

~~~~I recognized in the movie soundtracks from Ludovico Einaudi. I discovered this great artist because of a good friend of mine who enjoyed his live concert at some point. Amazing feelings were transferred to me by listening to her (what amazing music Ludovico is delivering). Since then, his music is in my playlist!:)

With love,

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