Owl you need is love

Today is a good day to have a great day! I woke up with this thought!

The Sun was a bit shy, but still some sunrays touched my face and made me smile:)) Gratitude is one of my favorite practice.

Giving and receiving represent for me a process of joy and gratitude. I may admit that sometimes is challenging for me to accept gifts from others. When I am giving something like ideas, gifts, advices it’s much easier, I am doing with all my heart without any expectation for anything in return.

This week I learned something precious. A special person for me told me that it’s a huge difference for instance to give your opinion or to offer your opinion without that person asking for it. Maybe she or he wants just to be listened and not to ask for your opinion. To give your opinion means that you are giving your energy without request. A good question for this could be: Did she/he ask me to do this? Or simply ask that person if she/he needs your opinion/idea/ help….by having her/his approval to do it/say it. Then you will know your second step.

I found myself in this boat and still I am….when I am learning something new I do believe that everybody deserves this knowledge without asking myself if they really need it, being prepared for it or is relevant for them or is too much energy from my side….I will do steps and embrace myself by choosing wisely to whom it’s needed to deliver my energy. Nobody said it’s easy, but we all know, not impossible.

Time for Nature’s stories!

I felt that these days I celebrated joy, friendship, good vibes and gratitude by receiving nice gifts:D (here are part of them). Nope, it’s not my birthday. You might all know that for me a card is the most valuable thing that I can receive from someone. I value a lot, there is no equivalent in money. So grateful for that!

My recommendation for today:

It came into my mind to pick a card for today, for this post from Louise Hay’s cards “Power thought cards”.

I have them in the Romanian version. The message is: “Your life is a mirror”. On the back it is written: “People from your life are real mirrors. They offer to you the opportunity to grow and to evolve”.

“These cards are an outgrowth of the affirmative sayings I used to give my clients to help them find their inner strength as they worked on issues ranging from self-esteem to romance to prosperity and love. Post these cards in your home, workplace, car . . .or give them to friends and family. Read a different one each morning, and watch your day unfold effortlessly and powerfully.” – Louise Hay

with love,

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