Yes, I do believe that sometimes Nature whispers to me. In fact, I am talking with the Nature and it feels more than I am talking with myself. Nature is a perfect bond between me and myself, an excellent facilitator, if you feel what I mean:D

Nature inspires me to put my thoughts on the paper…..I enjoy writing in my notebooks.

When I turn my back to the Sun, I could see my shadow……But I could stay with my face in front of the Sun…and let the shadow behind….

-We need our shadow, said a voice.

-Who’s shadows?

-Well, mine….yours….

-Who’s else?

-The shadow of the tree in a hot summer….How it’s sounds?

-Lovely and healthy for my skin:D

-Shhh…..! Silence, please.

How can you say no to this beautiful shadows of Nature? How can I say No to my shadow?

Today I will introduce to you what came into my mind when talking about shadow.

I love more to say in my language this word, it has another meaning for me.

So, if you want to say shadow in Romanian you’ll simply spell UMBRA (um-bra). Here is my meaning:



Binecuvântează sau Bântuiește



To translate what I said before, sounds like this:

Umbra=Shadow- somewhere, the mystery is blessing or is haunting the real truth

I’ll let you to reflect and imagine what the shadow (umbra) means to you.:D

Enjoy the spring! Stay grounded and keep growing!:D

Here a Romanian song that I listened these days:

with love,

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