Past, present, future

Finnish people taught me a lot about “enjoying the moment”- not in rush, not so serious, just enjoy, be present, be there, be honest with yourself. In my mind it was all the time that I already knew how. Yes, I knew, but another version of Anca. The present Anca understands and feels a different perspective of the words “enjoy the moment”. The future Anca, who knows? But what I can do is to prepare the way …..

I invite you to send letters to your past self or/and future self and keep them in a nice box (it will be your place with gratitude, joy, experiences, many versions of yourself). It is said that what it’s written it’s written. Take some moments with yourself , write down on the paper or speak aloud about your feelings being your best friend. Trust me, you will discover a lot of things and details about you. Handwriting is a great therapy :D. Surprise yourself! Being in the present and sending blessings for your past version of yourself is an act of fulfilment, acceptance that you did your best (you learned a lot from that experiences). Also being in the present and sending blessings for your future self is an act of preparing your path with gratitude and courage for the unknown.

With love,


2 thoughts on “Past, present, future

  1. Love it Anca you are alreadya great soul just wondering how much more you will be as a loving being. Yes I love to write -writing is a great journey on it’s own. Love love your words. Have never written letters to my future self but I think I should. Thanks for the tip.

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