Baltic Sea Makeup

Last week and also this week I was amazed about this beauty called Baltic Sea. Since I am in Finland I am spending time to watch her, to observe her, to take photos , to admire, to talk and understand…day by day I find her different:) and so beautiful.

This period I saw Baltic Sea in a process of transformation. She accepted all the phases during these extremely cold days being admired by people and entire Nature. Tress, birds, sun, sky, all were witnesses of this amazing process. It was a wish of mine to see the Sea frozen…..I didn’t walk on her yet, it’s not safe, but still winter is here. There are chances.

I am calling Baltic Sea, “she”, because I feel that she is our feminine part/side that is talking with us. All these days she put new clothes to be admired, to be different. Now, on top of her thick ice, she has a white coat covered by snow. Some days she had a shiny makeup, it was given by the Sun…..ohh, shiny Sea! What a brilliant makeup! She’s a woman with a nice makeup admired by everybody, but who is she without makeup? Who’s she under the ice? I just could listen her(Baltic Sea) breathing. It’s obvious that she’s alive…

Probably she is aware of her natural beauty and she knows her divine gifts…..(locked deep deep inside). For sure, the Baltic Sea is so mysterious and forever will be:).

I invite you to learn from the Nature. Today I chose Baltic Sea, a book of mysteries.

Here, some moments with the Baltic Sea:

My last thought for today:

Inside bring the spring and outside be the winter!

With love,


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