Rainy days with storm and thoughts

I may admit that I like rainy days because it inspires me to create cozy moments (coffee or tea, candles, warm blankets, good music, a book or a movie, some creative moments as hand made crafts, time with my family, cooking, baking …and so on…).

But you know what? I realized that I like more rain when I’m staying INSIDE. In Finland , I noticed that people appreciate more the sun than ever….they are grateful for the sun and after rain, they are walking, running , they instantly appear outdoors like mushrooms after the rain. I’m thinking, this is a sign of gratitude and all of us we should be grateful for what Nature offers to us.

Having our dog, Echo, makes me understand that it’s not always a pleasure to be OUTSIDE when it’s raining (it’s like the Nature needs to breath without having any person around, She needs a pause from human noise). The tricky part is that for Echo doesn’t matter what type of weather it is: rain, storm, sunny, snow….I believe that “his goal” is to be outside with his friends. When it is raining sometimes I don’t feel alone…are other dog’s owners in the same situation…So funny!

  • And yes, Nature-Finland showed me many times: Do you really like the rain?
  • I said: yes, of course being so sure about this.
  • After two drops of rain: Are you sure?
  • Me: yes, why not? It’s just rain in the autumn. I like the rain.
  • After 5 days: I will give you a storm, what about now?
  • Me: I’ll rather prefer to be Inside, honestly!…… nice Outside, please…and quick:))
  • So, yes, accept the storm Outside and enjoy your Inside all the time.

Sometimes is good to be inside, and sometimes outside. It’s about openness and about options: How often do you show the resistance and how often do you complain that the weather is bad? Complaining again and again….but also Nature needs to BREATHE.

Are you a rain lover? If yes, are you sure?

But….what the storm brings?

The storm brings to the surface things that we don’t want to see or we are refusing to see……The trash on the bottom of the sea (deep inside your emotions) or broken branches (ready to let go). Over a night we have the garbage in front of us as a complain of the Nature that says: “Please stop it! I don’t come in your apartment and let my trash there. How many signs do you need from me?”

Free yourself and clean the bottom of the sea…clean your heart, thoughts and actions, step by step…until is not too late.

I’ll recommend to you a great and inspiring documentary. Its name is “The octopus teacher”. I wrote some thoughts about it on my Instagram page.

Have an inspiring day and don’t loose your smile! Nature smiles to you every day!:) Keep your eyes open!

with love,


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