Cool things to do while staying home

My goal is to bring a little bit of positivism , trust, optimism, to see the good part of the things and to recognize the opportunities creating your own sunshine these days.

For me it is cool that I found time for myself and for my family. I realized that it is great to enjoy part of my hobbies also inside.

I have to take also fresh air during my walking with my lovely dog. I am grateful for what Mother Nature gives us~ spring is here~sun is up ~swans and ducks are enjoying Baltic Sea~ trees are telling stories about rebirth of nature.

What I did these days and what I will intend to do next

Here are some inspired activities that make you stay positive!:)

1.If you don’t have a dog or a pet…..maybe it’s time to think about getting one. Animals give you a lot of energy, they are inviting you to play with them and if you have kids , it’s a good way to consume this playful energy.

He inspires me and for this reason he has his own Instagram profile:).He deserves to show his personality.
visit on Instagram @echo_thebeagle

2. Read a book or more; audiobooks. For sure you have books that are expecting to be explored. I also like to read articles about different topics that I am interested in. Here in Finland I discovered an interesting magazine called “Breathe”- for me is a source of inspiration and I like the concept and design. Reading keeps you away of panic and introduce you in another world.

3.Clean your house. Maybe other time you took some days off from work, but now you have plenty of time to do this. It is said that cleaning your house is like you are cleaning your thoughts and organize yourself. It is true, tested by me:). It brings more creativity, space, you feel comfortable with your thoughts and you let other things, ideas to come to you.

4. Clean-up your devices;. starting with your phone.. For sure you have many useless apps or photos. Maybe you can organize them in named folders being easy after to find them.

Clean your laptop, for sure you have few space to put your new projects:D. Laptop as the phone are your daily work Universe and cleaning them from useless things, you create more space for you, for fresh ideas.

time ago Amos-Rex museum

5. Participate to webinars that you are interested in; watch a good YouTube video. They are webinars about this actual situation and how you can handle it, support for these challenging days, maybe months. A lot of interesting subjects are waiting for you, just choose wise! Bring fresh information in your live.

Stay positive!

6. A good opportunity to watch all good movies.

My last watched movie was “All the bright places” and I saved some quotes from this movie.One of them sounds like this: “All colors are found in you at maximum intensity”:)

7.Don’t forget to eat good chocolate:)

8.Create hand-made stuff, something created by you. Another hobby of mine is to create hand-made cards for my family and friends. For me, cards are important when you offer a gift to someone, it wears your unique signature:).

9. Listen good music that makes you feel alive, being able to share your good energy after to your family or friends.

He really likes music:D

10.Keep a daily journal! These days will remain in the history. So keep your memory fresh. It’s a good way to find your centre, connect with yourself and to practice your handwriting. Script Creative helps me last year (one day course) and introduces me in a magical world of letters. Now it’s the moment to practice more.

11.Try new food recipes. It’s a good opportunity to cook together with your family. Delegate everyone to do something.


12.Feel like a queen and king if you want. There are many catering restaurants that have interesting offers this period. Why not? to try and also to help small business to survive.

Amos-Rex museum, time ago

13.Find new ideas that will help this world . Let’s support each other. Bring to life crazy and great ideas!

One of my favourite motivational song

14.Play board-games. We have right now from the library “Santa Maria”. It is waiting to be played…:)

15.Play good games on PlayStation, PC, phone, Nintendo switch or other devices if you are a gamer or a beginner as me:))I enjoyed playing “Child of light” and I truly recommend it.

16. Take care of your flowers and plants. They are our source of oxygen, color and joy. Put them some good music to grow healthy. If you don’t have them, paint them, put colors on the paper, it might be fun and spectacular.

17. Do exercises! Now a lot of online exercises are waiting for you. For me dancing is relaxing 😀 and I use to play” Just Dance” on Nintendo switch sometimes. A way to have fun and move your body.

18.Stay hydrated! Be informed! Ask for advises from beauty specialists and consultants in subjects that you are interested in.

19.Learn Finnish or other language. Put posties everywhere in your home to see them every day. It really helps.

Part of my posties

20.Meditate! Helps you to keep your energy high. Say thank you! It’s a magic word.

Put positive thinking and most beautiful flowers in your garden (body, mind soul)

As a conclusion, be the change you want to see in the world, it is said. “Even the smallest modification – that’s significant to you-can encourage fresh growth”. Appreciate every step in your evolution. Stay focused and be prepared to face any situation.

If you have other ideas, let me know! It will be great to re -update my list with new activities and fun moments. Stay healthy!

Thank you,

Create your own sunshine!

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