8 June- infinite feelings

For me, photography is a way to relax, to capture beauty of colors, parts of nature, feelings, stories, shadows and lights…..Maybe since I am in Helsinki, I had time for me and therefore I realized that I really enjoy to take photos. When I review them I discovered more details captured in a photo. A way to relax, a hobby 🙂

8 June is a day to remember: first, is my mother’s birthday (a way to celebrate joy, happiness and love- we are so far as distance but in the same time so close to each other ) and also a day when me and my husband discovered a beautiful island called Pihlajasaari (about 10 min by boat, ferry). We entered in a world of wilderness, but in the same time order, peace and love for Nature……we spent a couple of hours in a good energy and gratefulness.

I let photos tell our story:

Welcome to Pihlajasaari!

Back to Helsinki!:)

Hope that you enjoyed our journey!

With love,

Anca Ilie

2 thoughts on “8 June- infinite feelings

  1. You make me to see how beautiful is the nature, how much she speaks with us, without asking anything back. Many, many thanks! Love yoy! ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

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