~About my friends~

Today is a good day to celebrate our inner child , to share love and joy. Today is also a good day to celebrate friendship.

So, thank you Didi & Geo for these moments.

How many steps you said?
Just feel the city…
Center of Helsinki
Here we are
Order in chaos
Love smiling
Inspired by Nature
Why not?:))
Take your time, trees tell us stories!
Colour your life with Happiness
Behind the scenes
Full of energy
Simply enjoying my life
Yellow tulip is connected with you
Meeting day:*
Passionate for details
“I protect the island”
“Let me be your friend”
I’m not jumping:))
A bridge to the Unknown
“I’m calling you…”
The dandelion story
Tervetuloa Suomenlinnassa!
Harmony and feminine
A lot of purple hearts
Part of Nature
Be kind!
I’m friend with the wind
“They let me outside…”
Be spontaneous!
I took my energy from…..
Just Be……Happy!

Hope that you like our journey. They replace a thousand words.:D

With love,

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