The adventure begins!

Let me analyse this photo. What it is about? What do you see in? What about the composition?

Let’s find out in a simple way; well, I can see the sky in a sunny afternoon day, a quiet sea with two amazing swans (feminine and masculine), an iced rock which show us low temperature -outside, some islands far away, building on the right side, light in the water….and so on….(you should try also).

But who does take the picture? Who’s behind the camera? What about the energy in that moment?

Of course, it’s me :)), the one who loves photos:)! Every picture I take comes to life, even though some of them don’t have humans or animals, they still have Life!What makes me to take the picture? What it is the message of the picture?

Can you feel it? Can you take your own message from it? What feelings are transferring to you?

Your answers will help me to understand better the Beauty of Nature!
If you want to leave your thoughts aside for a moment, analyze a simple photo for a few minutes and Be Present. Your mood can be affected in a positive way, with a new vision for the rest of the day. Trust me:)!

Enjoy my little gallery in a day>Port of Helsinki<

We are all related in LoVe

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