Christmas loading…

Christmas is coming! What a beautiful moment to celebrate love, being kind and letting magic be part of us. Many countries, cities are celebrating this Special Days “wearing” lightening “clothes” and receiving the Spirit of the Christmas.

So, my advice for you: be all the time connected with the present, give and receive love, give and receive hugs, give and receive smiles – are for free, be connected with you and the others, kind words ……and Feel….by creating your hygge time.:)

I believe in Christmas and I’m glad to share joy, love and harmony.  Probably you are hearing all the time this words, but are you feeling them?…

Walking on each street and seeing the beauty in everything…’s part of me. And I promised you that I will introduce you in my world….

So, Helsinki is full of lights. Let the photos say the story and read the story>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>!

He invited….
to a walk.
Skywheel Helsinki

Which is your Christmas story?:)

Keep in touch!

With love,


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