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Carpe diem (part I)

The country with a 1000 lakes! Yes, you guess it. Finland! We spent almost 3 years here and still so many places to discover, nature shows its mystery and we’re doing steps to blend into the Finnish culture by listening the stories and learning the traditions. Still Finnish language is not so easy to learn… Continue reading Carpe diem (part I)

Breathe Nature

Love has many ways to express it. It has its unique mystery. Nature tell us many stories and makes us aware of the present moment. Will you listen to it? How? Just look around and breath every piece of this puzzle called “Amazing Nature”. Ā šŸ¤—Ā Breathe Joy Ā šŸ¤—Ā Breathe Love Ā šŸ¤—Ā Breathe courage Ā šŸ¤—Ā Breathe inspiration Ā šŸ¤—Ā Breathe compassion Ā šŸ¤—Ā Breathe… Continue reading Breathe Nature

Butterflies and Faith

My message is very simple today! But needs time and presence to understand it as part from the process of life! It is said that: “Butterflies count not years, but moments and they have enough time“. Maybe patience is the key, a good way to accept people, situations, life in general by observing these tiny… Continue reading Butterflies and Faith

Hope for new beliefs

On our street, it started weeks ago the process of demolition of some buildings. It is a continuous noise, hard work for the workers, dustā€¦.During my walks I took these photos (have a look below) coming up with some thoughts: These buildings are like our old beliefsā€¦ At some point is time to rebuild them.… Continue reading Hope for new beliefs

Good fairies

On 24th of June, Romania celebrates theĀ SanzieneĀ (also known asĀ Dragaica), middle of the summer and a way to celebrate nature and fecundity. It is known that, Sanzienele are beautiful girls who live in the forests and untamed places. They have their specific dance in the air, on the ground, they dance and sing all night starting… Continue reading Good fairies


Sometimes I could feel when people ask themselves or ask me directly if it’s hard to take care of Echo (beagle breed).The answer, depends.:)) Inside home, Echo is playful, he sleeps a lot, he is in peace, but outside he is active, wants to meet everyone. Outside for him means the Universe. He believes that… Continue reading E C H O

Rhododendron day

We chose to visit and enjoy Alppiruusupuisto (Rhododendron park)-botanical garden in Helsinki, in the district Haaga, Finland. The plant is originally from Asia or South of Africa. It is known that are 30 different varieties of rhododendron. The Haaga Rhododendron Park is a public park with many types and varieties of rhododendron. The park was… Continue reading Rhododendron day

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