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Dragobete, Romanian holiday

Today it will be a short article about Dragobete, a special day celebrated in Romania which brings a lot of love. “Dragobete is a Romanian holiday that is celebrated on February 24th, each year. In the traditional Romanian mythology, Dragobete was a young god of the autochthonous pantheon, but whose celebration date varied from one historic region to… Continue reading Dragobete, Romanian holiday

How it feels?

Since January, in Finland, are very low temperatures. During my walk with Echo, in a sunny day, something came into my mind. I checked the phone. It showed -16 degrees, but it feels -23 degrees. I told to myself: Ohh, wow! again Nature shows me a message! In my head resonated the verb “to feel”… Continue reading How it feels?

Shiny meeting

Today is a good day to have a great day! ooh, sunny day! oooh, frozen Baltic Sea! It’s very interesting how we connect each other. I met Simmi in an online international course last year. She is absolutely lovely and kind. We stayed connected all this time. She is a water lover and she was… Continue reading Shiny meeting

Past, present, future

Finnish people taught me a lot about “enjoying the moment”- not in rush, not so serious, just enjoy, be present, be there, be honest with yourself. In my mind it was all the time that I already knew how. Yes, I knew, but another version of Anca. The present Anca understands and feels a different… Continue reading Past, present, future

Baltic Sea Makeup

Last week and also this week I was amazed about this beauty called Baltic Sea. Since I am in Finland I am spending time to watch her, to observe her, to take photos , to admire, to talk and understand…day by day I find her different:) and so beautiful. This period I saw Baltic Sea… Continue reading Baltic Sea Makeup

White Nature

For me going outside is inspiring. Echo, our dog helps me to keep the connection with the Nature. I have more time to reflect and to take photos of Nature. When I come back home, I’m reconnecting with the photos and for some of them I have stories, insights and awareness (my agenda knows all… Continue reading White Nature

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