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Rhododendron day

We chose to visit and enjoy Alppiruusupuisto (Rhododendron park)-botanical garden in Helsinki, in the district Haaga, Finland. The plant is originally from Asia or South of Africa. It is known that are 30 different varieties of rhododendron. The Haaga Rhododendron Park is a public park with many types and varieties of rhododendron. The park was… Continue reading Rhododendron day

Tulips tell the truth

This period, every time I go outside for a walk or on the bike, I see tulips everywhere. I saw them grow and blooming. Helsinki is known for its green spaces -a great combination with the architecture of the city, and I feel that every tulip has its own spot and unique way to say… Continue reading Tulips tell the truth

Cherry blossom

Kirsikkapuisto in Finnish, Cherry Tree Park in english is part of Ruohuvuori in Helsinki. Cherry trees remind me about my wish to travel in Japan and get to know better their culture, their traditions and healing moments of seeing cheery tress blooming. It is known that in Japan the Cherry tree shows us that life… Continue reading Cherry blossom


Vanhakaupunki (=Old Town) is a neighborhood and district in Helsinki, Finland. Helsinki was founded in the Vanhakaupunki area in 1550.:D Last year I saw some winter photos with the iced waterfall and Vantaa River. Immediately I put on my list: places to visit in Helsinki. The time came this year in may 2021. We had… Continue reading Vanhakaupunki

Breathe Light

Today in Helsinki, we are listening/living the autumn, winter whatever you want to call it…..being so cold and rainy outside, I decided to bring some sunrays from the past weeks.:D Sometimes we like to feel as tourists in Helsinki and we like to explore places and interesting streets with beautiful architecture. Nature is everywhere, every… Continue reading Breathe Light

Owl you need is love

Today is a good day to have a great day! I woke up with this thought! The Sun was a bit shy, but still some sunrays touched my face and made me smile:)) Gratitude is one of my favorite practice. Giving and receiving represent for me a process of joy and gratitude. I may admit… Continue reading Owl you need is love

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